Monday 5 December 2011

Book Review: Match Me If You Can by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Score: 5 out of 5

"Annabelle is tired of being the lone failure in a family of overachievers. She's endured dead-end jobs and a broken engagement. Even her hair's a mess! But that's going to change now she's taken over her late grandmother's matchmaking business. All Annabelle has to do is to land Chicago's hottest batchelor as her client...Heath Champion is wealthy, driven, gorgeous, so why does her need a matchmaker, especially a walking disaster like Annabelle Granger? True, she's entertaining, and she does have a certain quirky appeal. But Heath is searching for the ultimate symbol of success- the perfect wife. When the matchmaker promises she'll do anything to keep her star client happy...does she mean anything? If Annabelle isn't careful, she just might find herself going heart-to-heart with the toughest negotiator in town- a man who's beginning to ask himself: exactly how perfect does perfect have to be?"

I bought this book on a short break away with my family in Wales; it was on a special offer in the High Street book store so I figured I'd give it a go.  I then raced through this book, negelecting my husband and children terribly (but they were happy playing on the wii and watching DVDs so I don't feel TOO guilty), pausing to have dinner and put the kids to bed then picking up where I left off.

This book really appeals to my sense of humour and I love love loved it!!  I was proper uncontrollable belly-laughing insterspersed with cackling at one point and had tears streaming down my face - my husband wondered what the hell I was on.

As introductions to a new author go, I was hooked after that first bite and have since added several other titles in the 'Chicago Stars' and haven't been disappointed yet.

I would whole-heartedly recommend this book, this author and the entire series, to a friend.  I will be re-reading this next year for sure and look forward to adding even more titles to my collection!

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