Saturday 3 December 2011

Introducing "Scott" from 'Love In The Aisles' (updated)

You need to use your imagination now and pretend you can hear a drumroll.

When writing the character of Scott, I make a big deal of the character's eyes... and as I was writing some of the scenes, I recalled some photos of a friend of mine.  With his kind permission, I can now share a couple of pictures with you.

Are you hearing those drums yet?

Well, here he is!

Imagine these eyes, and maybe the hair too...

...and add David Boreanaz into the mix...

... merging the two together, and I think I then have my 'Scott'.

Between them there is enough boyish charm and a sense of mischief to balance with the smouldering and general 'hotness', and it could easily be possible to mistake Scott for being 25-ish instead of 31.  I don't want Scott to come across as moody or mysterious, I need him to be sincere, caring and protective with those eyes being the gateway into his soul.

I've also had Richard Armitage suggested but think he could actually be a really good candidate for Elliott in 'The Masquerade Must Die', who is far more brooding and mysterious than Scott.

But what do you guys think - how do you picture Scott?

Does a celeb or particular image spring to mind when you think of those first two chapters?

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  1. I could happily picture that first guy in a romance novel. (Or any other time really, wow he's good looking!)


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