Sunday 11 December 2011

Christmas is coming!

Merry Christmas everybody!!

Christmas has finally arrived in our house and the four of us worked together this afternoon to get the tree up - of course my kids, almost 5 and almost 3, are huge advocates of the "more is more" theory and would still be putting baubles on even now if we hadn't hidden them.

This is the first Christmas since 2005 that I haven't been either pregnant or  breastfeeding so I am looking forward to a couple of drinks during the festive season... starting this evening with a cheeky Archers and lemonade whilst preparing dinner.

To help get me in the mood, I've started on the Christmas books in the past couple of days and have already read a couple.  I was surprised when I typed 'Christmas' into my Kindle this morning to discover that I had 12 books on there ready to go so thought I'd share my current reading list with you, most of which were free when I bought them...

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