Monday 28 May 2012

My First Rejection

Whilst happily plodding along on my current WIP 'The Last Goodbye' at the back end of March, I noticed that Harlequin/Mills & Boon were running a Romance Fast-track submission - as in, send over your query, synopsis and first chapter by 23rd April and they guaranteed to read it and respond by the 18th May - and decided to tweak my WIP and give it a whirl.

Not the ideal timing, what with moving house - and the fact that I didn't even know exactly how my story ended so I had to work that out before I could even think about writing the synopsis - and having no internet at home was a real nuisance. I was having to bluetooth my revised documents to my phone and then use my phone to email my two main critique partners, but with their help I managed to pull a synopsis together and drag myself to a local coffee house and get my submission emailed over to Harlequin on 20th April.


It was far from perfect but I was pleased to just get something sent off, knowing I'd have regretted it had I let the excuses override my desire.

So, then I just had to wait... and wait... and wait.

Saturday 26 May 2012

I'm Back!

Wowsers, it's been a while!

So where have I been? Nowhere glamorous, I assure you...

April saw us moving house, only one end of the road to the other, and we did it all ourselves courtesy of our estate car and a couple of days van hire. It was exhausting!!And then there was one nightmare after another trying to get a landline and the internet up and running, finally getting back online this time last week. Hallelujah!

Since my last post, my youngest has started at Nursery School, going 5 afternoons a week and loving it. I hoped it would be enough time to get some writing done but it's not as simple as that. Instead I have been doing housework, or getting out with our dog for the first time since my eldest was born - rather than subjecting hubby to the late night walk - but at least the weather has been glorious for it. Here's a pic of our usual walk, virtually on our doorstep:

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