Monday 12 December 2011

Book Review: Christmas in the Village (4-in-1) by various authors

Score: 4 out of 5

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"Snow is falling and there's winter magic in the air... it's the season for miracles and marriage.

A Christmas Eve Baby by Caroline Anderson
Dr Lucy Tremayne's title is about the change from doctor to mother!  She knows she must tell Ben he's going to be a daddy by Christmas - but she's running out of time...

An Italian New-Year Wish by Sarah Morgan
As the snow falls Amy Avanti summons up the courage for her new job, knowing it will take her back to another life where she was adoringly in love with her husband...

A Bride by Sunrise by Josie Metcalfe
Adam Donnelly wants his childhood sweetheart for his bride, but he's got a lot of explaining to do to resolve their past.  Then the present intervenes in a dramatic way!

A Fatherhood Surprise by Jennifer Taylor
One of London's most eligible batchelors, Jack Tremayne lives the VIP life - but his world is turned upside down when he learns that he is a father!"

What a thoroughly lovely book!

I haven't come across one of these style books from Mills and Boon before but I really enjoyed the way this 4-in-1 book came together like a series, even though each title was written by a different author.  Continuity was faultless and I know that it cannot have been easy for the authors - being given a strict criteria to then try and come up with a decent story - but it worked.

Every single character came to life, they were believable and I felt like I was actually there, visiting the village and getting to know everyone.

I love this book and would happily recommend to a friend and will no doubt re-read at some point, maybe in time for next Christmas.  I see there is another 4-in-1 set in the Village and will be tracking this down in the New Year to see what happens in the lives of some of the other characters!

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