Saturday 8 September 2012

Book Review: How the Playboy Got Serious by Shirley Jump

Score: 4 out of 5

Riley McKenna has led a charmed life—until now! Cut off from the family trust fund, he's out on his ear and fending for himself.
When he applies for a job at Stace Kettering's diner, she's not impressed by his blue eyes and easy smile. She has a strict zero-tolerance policy toward pampered playboys, having learned her lesson once already!
Riley thinks Stace will fall for him like all the others—but he's about to discover that his playboy ways just don't cut it in the real world...

This is the second book in The McKenna Brothers series and straightaway, I preferred it to the first book in the series (see blog post: One Day to Find a Husband).

Immediately, you bond with Riley and although he is a bit of a playboy, you can't help loving him and wanting to get to know him. He is going some through emotional changes and doing his best to ignore it but he gets a real wake-up call from the two leading ladies in this book, Stace and Grandma.

I raced through this book and then charged onto the third. Well worth a read...

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