Sunday 9 September 2012

The Road to Publishing: Contract

It's official!

The contract has been electronically signed, sealed and delivered...

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And I have a confession to make! I found it in my spam folder; it had been sitting there for a couple of days - oops! - but it's signed now.

So what happens next?
"Your editor will be in contact with you shortly to get an editing schedule hammered out. They should also send you a pre-edit checklist to get your manuscript prepped for the editing phase. During edits, our Art Director will send you a cover art form for your input on what the cover should look like. After edits, there will be a round of Line Edits and a round of proofing before it's handed in to layout to produce the multiple formats we sell."

I also need to work on an author bio, but at least I've got the cover art request out of the way. It looks like I'm in for an interesting - and most likely hectic - couple of weeks or so getting the revisions and edits through and sent back but I can't wait to see my story take shape and get better with each stage!

In the meantime, I'm cracking on with Their Last Goodbye so that I have something to follow Christmas is Cancelled sooner rather than later. It's not like I can expect a Christmas book to sell all year round now, can I? Back to the grindstone then. But yeah, I'll admit...

I love it!!


  1. That sounds so exciting. I'm sure seeing it in writing makes it all seem much more real. Congrats.

  2. Oh my god wow!!! Times like these I hate living so far away :0( But then again - I can probably get hold of you quicker by FB!!


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