Sunday 16 September 2012

Off Topic: Changing Faces!

Just a quickie...

I happened to be looking at a photo just now and found it quite staggering how different a person can look by just changing one or two things. To prove it, here is a trio of pictures of me, so it's the same person, even the same dress, but three very different images:
Left = August 2010 / Centre = August 2011 / Right = June 2012
How bizarre!

Do you have a set of photos that 'should' be similar but make you think, "Yikes!"?

1 comment:

  1. I think we all do there. But with me, I wouldn't say I do. Ive gone from being a blonde to a Brunette within the past year..
    I like the middle one of yours. Very pretty. :)


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