Sunday 16 September 2012

Are You A Goal Setter Too?

I don't know about you, but I tend not to get into the short-term goals. I don't give myself a daily word count or a task that I must complete every day, or even every week, as I know I will fall off the wagon and struggle to get back on. But I do like longer-term goals...
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At the end of the 90's, I came up with a short list of things I wanted to have done before the year 2000, which included things like going to a football match and going to a concert, that kind of thing. I ended up cutting it pretty close but scraped in with the concert in December 1999. Phew! Next came the things I wanted to do before I was 30 and so on. Now another milestone is drawing ever closer...

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Yep, the big four-oh. GULP!

Top of the list of things to do before I'm 40 at the moment, is to have 'x' number of books published but I can't decide between a conservative five or a more ambitious ten. Or am I just setting myself up for a major fall by even thinking about it?

I should point out that I still have just over thirty-six months to do it, and writing will become my 'job' from next September when I have both kids at school, rather than something I have to try and find time for. And, of course, I have the first one is in the bag already. So what do you think, five or ten, or don't-go-there?

Are you a goal setter too? 
What kind of things would make it onto your 'Things To Do Before I'm 40' list?


  1. Goals can be a tricky thing! I think they are great to have, especially long term ones. Like you I don't set too many short term ones, not specific ones anyway as I don't like too much disappointment if they aren't achieved in time! 5 or 10 books, either sounds excellent to me what about midway lucky 7? Best of luck, I'm sure you'll make it.

    1. Thanks Suzanne,

      Seven? I like it. The first one is done so I "only" need to manage two per year and I'm sorted ;o)

  2. I work well with setting myself goals. Deadlines in particular motivate me. Nothing like a submission call deadline to get my muse going. Or my crit partner badgering me to write the obligatory daily wordcount, or else.

    I passed the 40 mark a while back. It's really not that big a deal, once you'e past it. I recall it really bothering me.


    Nowadays the only real goal I have is to carry on writing. Just signed my 20th contract. Would I have imagined that a year ago? No way, lol. So I would say, sure, set yourself goals. You may well surpass them :-)

    1. Thanks Doris, and congratulations on notching up that 20th contract. Fantastic!

  3. I love goals. Funny you should post this as I was just reviewing my goals two nights ago with my crit partner.

    I also don't set a daily word count. Sometimes I have to pause at a paragraph and make sure the idea is clear before I move on. If I don't do that, the ideas after it don't flow. But I do make myself accountable for my time. As long as I work, and not waste time on the internet(but now isn't wasting because I am thinking about writing), then I am happy with my progress.

    For over two decades I've been writing down my goals. Short term, for the year, and long term. And I have learned that there are times when goals change.

    So, set your goal or five, or ten, or compromise and say seven and a half. But don't beat yourself up if you don't make it. Perhaps you sit down to write a novella, then realize it is a novel, which takes more time. Then that one novel would get done in the time you would have written two or three novellas. Or you see a publisher looking for short stories and the theme screams at you. You have to do it.

    My advice is make a goal, but still reward yourself if you fall short, and see that you worked your best to make the best stories for your readers.


    1. Thanks Faith :o)

      "Sometimes I have to pause at a paragraph and make sure the idea is clear before I move on. If I don't do that, the ideas after it don't flow."
      Yes, I am exactly the same!

      And it's the same with yearly and longer-term goals too, I have my New Years Resolutions but as long as I know I worked toward them, it's not the end of the world if I don't quite get there.

  4. Hey aurelia. I personally don't set myself many goals, purely because I'm useless at keeping to them. Juggling kids and work etc I find I am rarely able to stick to the goal set and then I get really angry with myself! Lol.

    I think you can do 10. Go for it! Especially once both kiddies are in school you'll have more dedicated time.

    Keep at it! X


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