Friday 6 September 2013

Book Review: Craving Her Soldier's Touch/Secrets of a Shy Socialite 2-in-1 by Wendy S. Marcus

Score: 5 out of 5

Craving Her Soldier's Touch 

Feisty nurse Jaci Piermont's heart was crushed when Staff Sergeant Ian Eddelton walked away from their passionate night together. But letting him know? Not an option! Now Ian's back - as gorgeous as ever, but with dark secrets in his eyes. Her head might be screaming Keep away, but Jaci's rebellious heart has a very different idea...! 

Secrets of a Shy Socialite 

Jena was always ‘the good Piermont twin', preferring to nurse others rather than being in the limelight. Seducing her all-time crush was the bravest and most outrageous thing she's ever done...and it brought her two adorable baby girls. So telling the unsuspecting father will be tough. But how will he react to her most heartbreaking secret yet? Beyond the Spotlight Uncovering the real Piermont sisters."

I have been a fan of Wendy S. Marcus ever since I won a copy of Once A Good Girl way back in 2011, so when the opportunity arose to add this 2-in-1 to my growing collection, I jumped at the chance. Unfortunately my own deadlines then got in the way, but I finally got to read the stories of the Piermont Twins on our family holiday a couple of weeks ago.

Well, the wait was more than worthwhile.

Both Craving Her Soldier's Touch and Secrets of a Shy Socialite were beautifully written, telling the stories of two twin sisters and tackling the difficult subjects of PTSD and voluntary mastectomy (think Angelina Jolie) yet all the while creating two endearing love stories around them.

Although these titles are available to purchase individually, these two books complement each other perfectly, with the second picking up immediately where the first left off. I read each story in one sitting, not wanting to put the book down and stayed up until the early hours to read undisturbed.

A fairly rare occurrence for me when it comes to category-length romances, but Wendy S. Marcus has turned out a book that scores full marks from me so if you enjoy romances with a dash of 'medical', a splash of sizzle, a healthy dollop of feisty heroines, heroes to swoon over, and a whole heap of heart, then look no further...

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