Sunday 9 December 2012

The Road to Publishing: All set!

The time is almost upon us!

Release day is imminent and everything I need to do as the author is done so now it's just a waiting game...

Today also sees me kick off my blog tour, taking me right up to New Year's Eve. I hope you'll join me as we travel the globe spreading the word about Christmas is Cancelled.

In the meantime, please pop over and add it to your virtual bookshelf if you are a Goodreads user. It is so exciting to see my book there, will all the other ones, and looking like it belongs. A proud moment indeed!

 Christmas is Cancelled

ETA: Christmas is Cancelled is now available to pre-order!!


  1. So close now! You must be really excited. Have fun on your blog tour x

  2. Thanks Christy! It's getting very exciting now...oh so close :-)


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