Wednesday 5 December 2012

IWSG: Rookie Nerves Taking Hold

If you saw my blog post a couple of weeks ago introducing the 'Insecure Writer's Support Group' (see here), then you'll know that today is the day...

I actually have a little confession.

I joined the IWSG a year ago, if not longer, but um... I didn't read 'the rules' properly and got kicked out when I failed to post the required blog posts. Whoops! I'd better get it right this time then.

So, with it being the first Wednesday of the month, I now have to share some of my more neurotic ramblings--or insightful advice (ha!)--with you all.

Insecure Writer's Support Group
As it so happens, I am getting more neurotic by the day...

Each new day brings me closer to 'release day' and by then, I dread to think what loop-the-loops my nerves will be engaging in. My work... my little story... is going to be out there for all to see.


Not just family and friends, who will hopefully say nice things or at least try to pull their punches a little, but the general public too. I'm just a faceless stranger to them, a stranger that just so happened to type a few (if 40,000+ equates to a few) words into the computer and then hit send.

Will they like it? Will they hate it? Will they write reviews full of vitriol and tear my little story to shreds? Will they write a review at all? Will they even finish the story or will my book make it onto the dreaded 'could-not-finish' shelf on Goodreads?

See... I told you I was getting a bit neurotic.

I'm being realistic as well though.

It's my first book and I know it won't please everyone; nobody knows what to expect from me for a start. Some readers will like it, some will not, and I can only hope there are very few haters.

I know there were little things I was thinking of doing with the story if I hadn't run out of time, but I imagine that is the same for most authors, regardless of how long they have been published. I can hand on heart say I'd be happy if my book averaged 3 stars, although more would be nice of course, but I really hope it doesn't scrape just one or barely reach two.

And as I scan over what I've already written, one word keeps jumping out at me... hope.

Even if it does receive more bad reviews than good, I mustn't give up. I mustn't lose hope. I have already achieved far more than I could have imagined this time a year ago, back when I was still dusting off my notepad and searching for a pen.

My New Year's resolution for this year was to finish a manuscript, that's all, yet here I am having turned down a book deal with one publisher and accepted two contracts from another. In a little over two weeks, I will be a 'published author' and that is something I can be proud of regardless of how many stars my book receives.

There is always going to be room for improvement, I am still learning my craft after all. I can't even write 'seriously' until my littlest starts school next September but I have so many projects and plans that I cannot wait to get stuck into and share with you. I just hope you'll all stick around and give me a chance...

Christmas is Cancelled will be available from December 21st, from Breathless Press and all major ebook retailers.

Keep your eyes peeled for details of my blog tour, kicking off on December 9th and running right through until New Year's Eve. And in the meantime, here is my book trailer again...


  1. I think you and I could be twins right now Aurelia :) You've put into words exactly how I'm feeling about my debut releasing only a couple of weeks after yours. You're right, not everyone is going to like what we've written, but odds are some people will and that's what I'm choosing to focus on. Your point about how much you've achieved is bang on and you have every right to be VERY proud of yourself.

    Wishing you all the very best with your release.
    x C x

    1. Thanks Christy,

      I definitely feel proud, just a tad anxious too.

      Best wishes with your new release, I look forward to hearing all about it.

  2. I'm telling myself that this is my first book, although not first published as I'm a magazine short story writer, and not to expect too much. It takes time to build sales and a readership.I'm slightly dreading reviews I have to confess, but even books I loved have had bad reviews, we don't all like the same things. Failing that, I will take on board the comments and work on the next. After all, our editors and publishers clearly liked the books!

    1. Thank you for stopping by, Oliver.

      Good luck with your first book!

  3. Good luck with your release, I'm looking forward to reading it! Being published is a massive achievement - I'm with Christy, I try to focus on the people who do like what I've written - though I don't know which is worse, not getting reviews or getting bad ones! But as Oliver says, we don't all like the same things. I think I'm getting more neurotic, not less, though - it doesn't get easier because, I suppose I want to get better with each book. Hope you get lots of sales - am sure you will! Susie x

  4. I'm sure everything will be fantastic providing Christmas is Coming opps Cancelled is named correctly! Good Luck and from another newbie. It's okay. Break a leg!!

    1. Hehe!

      Thanks Téa. I hope your release is going well, and how fabulous that you've got a 5 star review in the bag already!

      As for breaking a leg...with the amount of frost and ice around, it's a distinct possibility LOL


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