Monday 23 July 2012

School's out for Summer

Oh boy!

Youngest has been off for over a week already and eldest finished on Thursday. Most of the time they play really nicely together but there's already been a few outbreaks of war and toys smacked over heads. Sigh. The joys of running around after a 5-year old boy and a 3-year old girl!

I really want to get my WIP finished so I can get it submitted but writing 'as the bullets fly' isn't working out so well, plus it doesn't seem fair on them... they're only little once.

So, for the next six weeks, my writing time is restricted to occasional DVD-time, after bedtime (assuming I can keep my own eyes open of course) and weekends when we don't have any other family plans.

I'll still be around online, mostly Facebook, as I can do that easily off my phone when I get five minutes to collapse in a chair.

Happy holidays!!

If you have any tips for surviving the holidays AND getting some writing done, please please share them...


  1. I have no tips Aurelia, but I do feel the same as you. My twin boys are 2 (this week!!) and I do feel guilty working on my WIP when they are up and about. When they are asleep, its fine. Like you say, they are only small once. eh? Just squeeze the writing in whenever you can! xx

    1. Happy birthday to the twins! How lovely.

      At least we're used to feeling guilty about every single thing we do and not *just* when the time the laptop comes out to play.

  2. Hey, you only have two ;-)


    The only way I get any writing done is in the evenings, when the warring masses have gone to bed.

    1. EEK! Two is plenty, thank you. I gather you have quite a spread of ages? (And that you must be a glutton for punishment! LOL)

    2. *giggles*

      Yes, I get that comment a lot. I have nine, ranging in age from 11 months up to 21 years of age. Hope you have a great summer hols :-)

    3. Nine?!


      Good luck over the holidays and I hope you all have a wonderful time. I bet Christmas is amazing in your house!

  3. Well, I did this blog post whilst they were watching Grease and then got fifteen minutes with my WIP whilst they were going nuts on the trampoline, but then it was time to get on with making a trifle ;oD


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