Saturday 7 July 2012

Allow me to introduce...

Just a quickie today, whilst I frantically try to complete my current WIP and get it ready to submit.

Seeing as I've been completely neglecting my blog because of it, I thought you may like to have a look at the inspiration behind the two main characters in it.

So without further ado, let me introduce you to Matilda and Dean...

Matilda 'Tilly' 
Tilly became the 'forgotten child' at the age of fifteen when her sister died from a drug overdose on New Year's Eve. Her older brother Phil went off looking for trouble but was saved by Dean and the two quickly became best friends. Tilly slowly falls for Dean and tries everything but after one rejection too many and with no reason to stay, she ups and leaves town at the age of eighteen.

She starts her life over, including a change of image and attitude, and thinks she has everything under control but after nine years, all her carefully laid plans come crashing down. Just when things can't possibly get any worse, she finds herself face to face with Dean again.

Dean has had a pretty tough life, always regarded as the notorious "bad lad" on his estate whether he'd earned the title or not. He manages to turn his life around and is no longer just a scruffy handyman but he is still haunted by secrets and the ghosts from his past. One thing he does have is honour, but when he happens across Tilly, his resolve is sorely put to the test when his honour is at odds with his heart.

Of course, none of this is set in stone - the story isn't even finished yet - and it needs to get past my critique panel and BETA readers first, let alone if/when an editor gets their hands on it, so please don't hold me to it ;o)

Now... less procrastinating, more writing!!

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