Wednesday 18 January 2012

Off topic: Race for Life 2012 - for Nan...

I still can't believe I have done this - it seemed like such a good idea at the time!

On Saturday 23rd June 2012, I will be hauling myself to Tatton Park in Cheshire to take part in Race for Life 2012 in aid of Cancer Research UK.

I would be hugely grateful if you would consider sponsoring me - even £1 would be great - and I have hopefully made it as easy as possible by offering many different methods of donating so you can scan, click or text it through!

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I need to add at this point that I am really NOT a runner - no way, no how - even in my school days I was a sprinter rather than a distance runner. But that was two decades ago. And I have done no form of running since then. Gulp!

Whilst I appreciate that I could just walk the 5K, I'd really like to put in some effort and try to run around the course. And that means doing some training. I will truly be earning your sponsorship, expending sweat and probably tears, but hopefully getting fit again in the process.

The date also holds some significance for me as it is the anniversary on my Nan's death. Although she died of old age - she was in her nineties! - she was the matriarch of the side of my family that has suffered first hand the effects of breast cancer... the illness, the fear, the pain, the ongoing treatment, the regular testing. She was also my last remaining grandparent and the one I knew best, so I have therefore decided to run the Race for Life as a tribute to her.

I will also be thinking of my cousin, all my friends, former colleagues, acquaintances and all of their families that have been touched by this horrendous disease.  How wonderful it would be to eradicate this disease so that my own children, or more likely their children, need never have to come to terms with its effects.

So please... dig deep... every little helps and would be very much appreciated indeed...


  1. Good for you Lauz! xx

  2. Good luck with the run. At least you've plenty of time to train...


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