Wednesday 5 June 2013

Twenty Questions with... Katlyn Duncan

I am delighted to welcome Katlyn Duncan onto my blog today, author of Soul Taken, book one in The Life After trilogy released earlier this week by Carina UK.

To be on board right at the start of not only the Carina UK imprint, but also the start of several authors careers, has been wonderful. Katlyn is the third author to be published by the new digital imprint from Harlequin so far, and the third debutante. I have loved getting to know her over the past few weeks, but now it's time to introduce her to you all, and what better way than with a round of twenty questions...

ACT ONE – all about you…

Katlyn Duncan was born and raised in a small town in western Massachusetts. Her overactive imagination involved invisible friends, wanting to be a Disney Princess and making up her own stories. Her bibliophile mom always encouraged her love of reading and that stayed with her since. Even though she works full time in the medical field Katlyn has always made time for books, whether she is reading or writing them.

Katlyn now lives in southern Connecticut with her husband and adorable Wheaten Terrier and she is thrilled to finally share her stories with the world.

1) Have you always been a writer or is it something you fell into?

Since before I can remember I was writing. Whether it was short stories, movie scripts, plays or novels, I was always writing.

2) Do you have a particular writing style or ritual?

I find that in the morning, right when I wake up I get my best work done. Other than that, there is no set ritual I have. For instance, sometimes I listen to music and other times I need silence, it depends on my mood.

3) Is there a book or an author that has influenced you in your writing?

Many authors have influenced me, such as Kelley Armstrong, James Patterson and Stephen King. But pretty much any book that brings out strong emotions, whether that is love or hate, inspires me to make my writing stronger. I remember a few years ago reading Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr and I was blown away, it actually pushed me to start writing again since I connected with the story so well and I wanted others to feel the same way about mine. And Rachel Vincent as well. She is an amazing author and a lot of times makes me want to throw her book out the window while reading, but in the best way possible!

4) Is there one piece of writing (or life?) advice that has stuck with you, or that you would like to share?

For life advice I would say 'be yourself'. I read and write YA, so the struggle to find out who you are going to be is always there. As a teen you can feel like the whole world will be crushed if you don't go to this dance or kiss that boy, but if you aren't true to yourself then when your youth is all said and done, what do you have? I wish I could have told my 15 year old self that many times, but now I do have a lot of angsty journals to go back to for novel fodder. 

5) Can you tell us three things about yourself that we probably don’t already know?

I love romantic comedies, I'm a complete sucker for them.

I studied forensic science at university.

I hate sea water.

6) What five luxury items or gadgets would you hate to be without?

I'm somewhat of a gadget iPhone, iPad, laptop, Kindle, and Kindle Fire. 

ACT TWO – all about your new release…

After-life just got a lot more complicated...

Maggie is a Soul Collector. It’s her job to transport souls from the Living Realm to the After – but during a mission to find a stolen soul, she ends up stuck in a teen mean girl’s body.
Trapped, Maggie’s soul is catapulted into Ally’s life – and the human world she hasn’t experienced for one hundred years. But, as a descendant of the most powerful beings in the After, Maggie must rescue Ally before the girl’s soul dies…
To survive, Maggie must uncover devastating secrets – because with one soul taken by a terrifying enemy, Maggie’s could be next!

7) Congratulations on your recent release of Soul Taken, what was your inspiration for writing Maggie's story?

One day Maggie's story slammed into me. The question, "What if a reaper was taking a soul to the after-life and got stuck inside of her body?" The plot has developed significantly since then but that was the first seed. 

8) Did the story flow from your finger tips or did some scenes take a bit of cajoling?

The first two drafts came together nicely, but there wasn't much of a story and Maggie was sort of letting the story take her. I've learned a lot over the years and my final drafts were more difficult to pull out but definitely better. 

9) I see Soul Taken is your debut, how long did it take for the initial spark of the story to make it onto the page and then onto the publisher’s desk?

I want to say about four years. But I didn't do this full time, I wrote for fun. But when I started book blogging ( I met a lot of people and realized that I could make my dream come true if I tried hard enough, so I did.

10) Do you have a favourite paragraph or sentence from your story that you would like to tantalise us with?

Taking another step forward he pulled my body close to his, the touch sending electric currents through me. Unconsciously I lifted my arms, pressing my fingers against him for balance. 
"He lied to us," he whispered, his mouth touching my head.

11) Over to you, what can you tell us about Soul Taken, to make us rush out and buy it?

I always write what I want to read. And this book is definitely different than other "reaper" books. Maggie is a strong seventeen year old soul who is thrust into a precarious situation and basically has to fight for her and her new body's after-life. You will get lots of action, adventure, and a bit of romance. 

12) What can we expect from you next? Is there something you are working on right now?

I am currently working on the sequel to Soul Taken.

QUICK FIRE ROUND – it’s pop quiz time…

13) Plotter or pantser? 


14) Secret Seven or Famous Five? (please tell me you know them!?)

Famous Five. 

15) Digital books or print books? 

I'll never choose! :0)

16) Tea or coffee?

Coffee in the morning, tea at night.

17) Cats or dogs?


18) Extrovert or introvert?


19) Save or spend?


20) Facebook or Twitter? 


And that’s a wrap!

Thank you so much for taking part, Katlyn, I wish you every success with your new release and have already added it to my TBR list.

To discover even more about Katlyn, and to keep up with her latest projects and other-worldly adventures, you can visit her at:

Buy it now…

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Release date: June 4th, Carina UK
Genre: YA Paranormal
ISBN: 978-1-472-01709-3

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I knelt down again next to Ally and reached out to touch her skin. Even though the sensation was unpleasant, I could feel her pulse as it rapidly declined.

“No,” I moaned. I looked up again to see if any of the Guard could help, but no one was around.

I looked back down at Ally. Her face was paling by the second. My soul started to tingle. I leaned closer to her body, reaching my hand out to touch her face again, when her arm moved toward mine.

I jumped back.

Heather pushed through the crowd. “Did she just move? Did I see her move?” Streaks of black mascara ran down her cheeks.

A ringing sensation tickled my ear and I tuned in to the True Soul’s presence. I looked at each human. The True Soul was close, but who had it? They all seemed equally shocked at the tragedy.

An uncomfortable pressure in my chest drew me closer to her body. My soul slanted toward hers until I was practically on top of her. I helplessly watched my hand morph and stretch toward her body.

“What the—?” I tried to pull back but the strength of whatever was happening had other ideas.

My hand disappeared first, then my arm, then my torso.

But before I could call for help, my world went dark.


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