Wednesday 19 June 2013

Aurelia's "Anoraks"

Have you ever tried to find a free stock image for anoraks?

I have.

And I failed, so's an old picture of my kids looking super cute instead.

(c) Aurelia B. Rowl
That counts as an anorak picture, right?

You may be wondering why was I looking for anoraks in the first place?

Well you see... I was toying with the idea of creating a Street Team (see here), but I hate the idea of getting my readers and followers to spam their friends and falsely recommend my books when they are released (see here). If/when I get to the top of a Goodreads list, I want it to be by merit; because readers have read and enjoyed my work, not just because I've basically bribed voters with the promise of free gifts and swag.

So, instead of a Street Team, I've created a new reader group on Goodreads; a place where my readers can gather together, discuss my books and get insider info on what I'm up to. There will be exclusive excerpts, giveaways, sneak peeks, review requests, blog host requests and anything else that comes to mind. More importantly, I want to create a community...

That's right, I want to get to know you too, and in the process, you'll get to know me better as well.

Of course, if you love my work, then I very much hope you'd be willing to recommend me to your friends, write a review, sign up to be a blog host, tweet when I have a new release, share my posts on Facebook etc, but purely because you'd like to support me, not because of what you might get out of it in return.

And the name of this group?

It's called Aurelia's "Anoraks" of course, so if you're a readermaybe even a fanof mine, I'd love to see you over there.

Click here to join
Aurelia's "Anoraks"

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