Monday 2 December 2013

New deal and changes afoot...

Hey everybody,

I have been teasing you for days on the social networks with my 'Big News' but I have since put pen to paper and am delighted to reveal all.

Yes, it's champers time again because...

I have a new book deal!!

This weekend I have signed with Carina (Harlequin UK) for a further three book deal which means books three and four in my Popping the Cherry series are now under contract. Yay! I already have a rough plot sorted for book three and it is certainly going to be a challenge, and my first 'coming out' story if it all goes to plan for Nathan's story. Book four is less defined but I do have an idea forming, and this would then be Chloe's story, unless somebody gets their hooks in me between now and the end of book three.


All being well, book two will be out late Spring and then book three will be around late Autumn, with book four coming out early 2015.

Now unless you're terrible at maths, you will have already worked out that there is a book missing. Popping the Cherry books three and four only makes two and this is where the major changes come in... after much deliberation, I have terminated my book deal with Breathless Press in order to further my writing career with Carina.

So what does that mean?

First of all, it means that Christmas is Cancelled will be withdrawn from sale this summer and the entire series is no longer under contract. Scary stuff for a rookie writer. Fear not though, it is not the end of the road for my debut book - have you guessed yet? - Christmas is Cancelled is the third book in my latest Carina deal. The new and improved British (yay!) version will be back on sale for Christmas 2014. Sadly, that means you will have to wait a while longer for Phil's story - sorry - but I am hopeful that Carina will sign it under option on my next work of fiction.

And since I don't actually drink champagne...


PS. If you want to hear all the news first, you might want to come and join my other 'Anoraks' over on Goodreads :-)

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