Wednesday 18 December 2013

International Sale Alert

Calling my international followers...

A visit to Amazon this morning revealed that Popping The Cherry has had its price slashed to $1.99 - WOW! - but you'd better get in quick as I have no idea how long this sale price will last!

Popping the Cherry

"Popping the Cherry is a spine-tingly, sweet and hot, coming of age YA/NA romance...[it] is a crackingly-good read. Awesome in fact - on so many levels...Overall, I LOVED the characters. I LOVED the way the plot was developed and shaped. And I LOVED the ending." 5 fabulous fairies, Bex 'n' Books
"Popping the Cherry is a fantastic New Adult that kept me flipping the pages...[it] stole my heart for Lena and Jake's hilarious, heart-melting and crazy romance. I highly recommended Popping the Cherry for getting your forever love the first time." 5 stars - I Heart YA Books
"I am a big fan of Aurelia B Rowl. She writes soul-stirring tales that remain in your thoughts long after you are finished reading. POPPING THE CHERRY is a powerful and meaningful new adult story. This is by far the best book that I have read so far this year! This is a Romance Junkies Recommended Read." 5 ribbons - Romance Junkies

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