Thursday 14 February 2013

Why Valentine's Is Special To Me

Forgive me for the self-indulgent post. It doesn't have a single thing to do with writing, expect perhaps for highlighting my romantic and soppy tendencies.

Today is one of my favourite days of the year!

Yes, I realise that Valentine's Day is a day that is heavily exploited by the likes of Hallmark, and allows restaurants and florists to charge a premium, but it is still very special to me.

And here's why...

It's my wedding anniversary.

It's also the anniversary of when we got engaged, one year earlier.

Looking back at our first Valentine's Day together, I knew I was onto a winner when he whisked me away to Wales for the weekend, taking me somewhere very special to him, as well as buying me a dozen red roses and a dozen creme eggs (huge thumbs up!).

Who could have known that less than a year after our wonderful, intimate wedding up in Scotland, there would be another man in my life?

A little heartbreaker indeed.

But it's okay, rather than usurping my new husband, my heart got even bigger. I could it be any other way?

On our first anniversary, I had my newborn baby boy asleep on my lap whilst trying to eat our celebratory Chinese takeaway one-handed, from a tray placed beside me on the sofa. A little unorthodox, but lovely all the same.

Fast forward two years to our third wedding anniversary, and we had our first 'family' anniversary day out...heading to Haworth for a steam gala weekend. The boys got their steam train fix...

And the girls - okay, just me - got to walk in the footsteps of the Bronte's, revelling in the world created by Charlotte, Emily, and Branwell in their stories and poems (and Anne, of course, but I must confess I haven't read her yet)...

Every year, we try to do something to celebrate Valentine's, but aside from cards and maybe a token gift, we don't go in for the whole buying gifts thing but tend to go out for the day somewhere.  Memories and family time are far more precious than anything that can be bought.

With this year falling on a weekday, I'm the throes of cooking my husband's favourite meal - which involves cooking meat and hoping I don't poison him! - and baking a heart-shaped cake. Okay, you can put the sick bowls away now. Honest. Sorry about that. Then we're thinking a trip to Chester Zoo on Sunday with the kids, and I can't wait.

So there you go, that's why today is special to me. Which just leaves me to say...

Happy Valentine's Day!

Whether you're young or old, single or attached, take a moment to think of those you love, and smile. Remember a romantic moment, or have a chick-flick marathon session, or lose yourself in a heart-warming novel, because, ladies and gents, today is all about the ROMANCE.

Take hold of your sick bowl once more, as I leave you with the song I walked down the aisle to...


  1. Happy Anniversary and Happy Valentines day, Aurelia :-) x

  2. Happy Anniversary Aurelia, beautiful pictures. X M

  3. Happy Anniversary, Aurelia! Lovely post and the song is so beautiful. Feeling real mushy to hear it :)

  4. Happy Anniversary, Aurelia! Lovely post and the song is so beautiful. Feeling real mushy to hear it :)

  5. As someone who was also married on Valentines Day I know just how you feel! What a lovely post.

  6. For some reason your song doesn't appear on here for me, but don't worry, I remember it well!! Hope you all had a fantastic time on Thursday and over the weekend.
    Love you lots xx


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