Tuesday 19 February 2013

I'm Throwing Myself Out of a Plane!

Does anybody remember item three of my New Year's Resolutions for 2013?

3) Take part in another sponsored event
I've been caught by the bug and would like to raise funds for a worthy cause again this year. It is currently a toss-up between doing the Race For Life again, or doing the Manchester Midnight Walk. I have to say, I really fancy doing the midnight one, and then maybe volunteer to be a marshall or carry out some other role for the Race For Life.

Well, this year, I'm really going for it, and...umm...I'm a little bit terrified!


This July, I will be taking part in Jump in July! and doing a charity tandem skydive to raise funds for Rainbow Trust Children's Charity; a charity that I desperately hope I will never need, but feel buoyed knowing that they are out there, should the worst happen.

Rainbow Trust is a national charity that offers tailor made emotional and practical support to families with a child that has a life threatening or terminal illness. Since the charity was founded in 1986 they have supported approximately 15,000 families all over England.

Rainbow Trust relies almost entirely on voluntary donations and through the outstanding generosity of its supporters is able to help over 1,300 families a year throughout England. However, this is just 12% of the families that could benefit from its help. The charity’s vision is that one day all terminally ill children and their families will have access to a Rainbow Trust Family Support Worker.

Supporters like me... as well as a host of celebrity supporters including Austin Healey, Linford Christie, Alan Titchmarsh, and Trish Halpin (Editor of Marie Claire).

I have never done anything like this before, and I don't even like heights so this is a real challenge. Gulp! Not to mention the fact I don't generally take risks, preferring the safe and sensible, two feet on the ground kind of life. I'm trying really hard not to think about what 'could' happen and scare myself even more.

If you could please consider sponsoring me, it would make it all worthwhile. I need to raise at least £500 in sponsorship to be allowed to jump. You can text ROWL99 £5 to 70070 to sponsor me or go to my JustGiving page, where you can donate in a choice of currencies. 

Every single pound, Euro, and dollar helps, and your donation could make all the difference in getting me to my fundraising target, so please dig deep for this very worthy cause.

And of course, this is your once in a lifetime chance to make me to jump out of a plane, so what are you waiting for? 

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