Thursday 1 November 2012

NaNoWriMo: Let the Madness Commence

National Novel Writing Month - or NaNoWriMo as it is commonly referred to - started today, the aim to write an entire 50,000 word novel over the course of November. Yes, that's right. 50,000 words in just ONE month.

For weeks, I have been rejecting suggestions about joining up for NaNoWriMo. I had an entire armoury of excuses and reasons about why I shouldn't do it. And it was fine, I wasn't pushed. Nobody tried to coerce me. But then the big day arrived and one of the stories in my head has been getting louder and more disruptive these past few day and my finger "slipped" and...


If my blog and social network pages go quiet, at least you'll know why.

So who else is in it this year?


  1. I'mdoingit too Aurelia. See you there. I'm there as 'myself', so you could find me and I presume you're there as Aurelia. I had to start a little late but I'm 6,000 words in. Of course, I should be 10,000, but still....

    1. Hi Maria,

      Well done on taking part, I've got you in my 'buddies'.

      You've managed to sneak ahead of my tally as I've only managed 5727/10000 words but I knew I'd have a slow start. It's still better than none...


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