Saturday 17 November 2012

Introducing... the Peer Pressure series

Coronet - Duke
I am delighted to say my Peer Pressure series is coming together very nicely indeed. I've even come up with my titles I love as well as the running order of the first four, seeing as I haven't ruled out additional titles.

Coronet - Marquess

The Peer Pressure series is a modern twist on a common historical theme; the stories are based on the lives and loves of Lords and Ladies of the British peerage in the twenty-first century.

Coronet - Earl
To add a little fun to the theme, I have come up with variations on nursery rhymes and songs, yet also managed to leave a cryptic clue to what the story is about. I imagine it will be a lot of fun when it comes to designing the cover art. (Incidentally, book 2 was originally 'The Masquerade Must Die'.)

Coronet - Viscount
Book One: Bye Bye, Black Sheep
Book Two: Pussy Kat, Pussy Kat (Where Have You Been?)
Book Three: Sing A Rainbow Too
Book Four: Rock-a-Buy Baby
Book Five: The House that Jack Built

Coronet - Baron
As mentioned already, I can imagine this series growing (Miss Polly Had a Dolly maybe, or how about Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star) but if I get too hung up thinking about other books, the many other stories, I'll never actually get around to getting these four written.

It is somewhat ambitious but I would love to get the first two written and published next year, maybe Spring and Autumn, and then the next two the following year. By deciding to self-publish, the buck stops with me and I can choose my own publishing schedule and ensure it fits around my family and their needs.

Rest assured, you can follow my progress here, and I will be shouting it from the rooftops when I finally have a likely release date for the first one.

I am so excited by this series and cannot wait to share these stories with you.

18/11 - ETA: Book 5 is now added.

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