Friday 6 April 2012

Short story: Abandoned (part 3 of 3)

Welcome to the final installment of 'Abandoned', I hope you enjoy... (if you missed the earlier parts, you can find part 1 here and part 2 here)

Part 3 of 3

So where was Jack now?
Carla looked across at the attendant dressed in the red cabin crew uniform, feeling her eyes boring into her, giving her ‘that’ look. The one that says, “hey, you’ve been stood up so forget him and get on the damn plane so we can go already.”
Carla had made the trip to the airport without him, travelling in the transfer coach, along with her luggage, whereas Jack had a few errands to run first before returning his motorbike on route. She had a few more minutes before she had to get on the plane.
What if she’d been a fool?
No, stop being silly, Jack wouldn’t do that to her, he’d be here. Wouldn’t he?
How could she be sure? She’d only known Jack for a couple of weeks, after all, what if she’d got it disastrously wrong, thinking it was so much more than a holiday fling when really it was just an elaborate fairytale?
Oh please no.
Nauseated and gasping for air, Carla’s chest felt like it was being crushed. Panic set in as tears pooled in her eyes until she could barely see. Her heart felt like it was being ripped in half. Shame gripped her. After everything that had happened the past couple of weeks, her parents would be horrified if she went home alone now.
What had she done? Carla’s legs turned to jelly and she sank into the nearest seat, letting her head fall into her hands. How could he do this to her?
A hand appeared on her shoulder and hope swelled inside her. ‘Jack! You made it!” Whipping her head up, ready to leap into his arms, she found herself staring into a woman’s face, the same one she noticed at the gate before. Carla felt like she’d been punched.
“I’m sorry Ma’am, but the aeroplane is ready to leave,” the attendant said softly. “If you still wish to travel on this flight, I must ask that you take your seat now.”
Nodding stiffly, Carla forced herself to stand, grabbing her cabin bag by the handles. Her legs felt like lead as she tried to walk, her world collapsing around her ears again. Resigned, she knew had to get on that plane. She’d be out of her job if she took any more unplanned time off.
With a heavy heart, she made her way to the gate, all hope lost, ignoring the sound of running footsteps. That was that then.
“There she is, that’s Mrs Fulton right there!” cried a voice she had given up hope of ever hearing again.
Throwing his arms around her, Jack scooped her up in a big hug, letting out a deep sigh that matched her own. “Where have you been, Darling? The plane is about to leave and I panicked when you still hadn’t boarded.”
“Sorry, Jack,” Carla smiled, allowing her new husband to take her bag. “I got held up.” He need never know that she’d doubted him. He was here and that’s all that mattered.
Smiling brightly, his eyes full of warmth and love, Jack nodded and took her hand. “Let’s go home.”
What a difference a few weeks could make. Carla couldn’t wait to share her home with him, where they would hopefully raise a little family one day. Meg would have liked that.
Thank you Meg… oh, and goodbye.

And that's the lot! 

I hope you enjoyed 'Abandoned'; please leave me a comment below to let me know what you thought of it. Thanks...

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