Monday 9 April 2012

Interpreting body language

This probably seems an odd thing to share with you but go on, give this quick quiz a go, then come back here and read on...
Body Language Quiz - test your emotional intelligence
All done?

Great stuff!

Can you see why I thought it would make a relevant blog post?

I shall explain anyway... as I was going through the quiz myself, I kept thinking how useful the explanations of the ever-so subtle differences in facial expressions were when depicting the different emotions.

Next time I'm writing and describing the body language of my characters, their expression in particular, I stand a better chance of getting it right and will hopefully be able to 'show' the emotion even clearer rather than being tempted to 'tell' or clarify it.

So, how did you get on? 

Did you find it useful or was it just teaching you to suck eggs?

(By the way, I got 19/20)

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