Friday 25 November 2011

Progress update for 'Love in the Aisles' (1)

I am delighted to say that the words are still flowing freely for my romance story 'Love in the Aisles'. So much so, that I have since abandoned the idea of it being a short story of 15,000+ words, having written over 8,000 already, and am now going for 50,000 words so that I have the option of submitting the full manuscript to Mills & Boon.

If you've been following this blog or my facebook page, then you will have been among the first with the chance of reading my first draft of Chapters One and Two, right here on this very blog (available for a limited time only so get in quick).

A huge thank you must go out to everyone who has already given me feedback. It has given me fresh hope that I can, maybe, pass myself off as a writer after all. My biggest fear before starting this writing journey was that I wouldn't be able to make my characters come to life, or create a scene, or emulate emotions, or write effective dialogue, or... well, you probably get the idea. So...


As a child, I often started writing stories but, because of my limited experience of real life, they always seemed to turn into another Enid Blyton story that I'd read so I invariably gave up. These days, I have a lot more personal experience behind me (and then some!) and I have since met a lot of people in a lot of different situations that I have been glad to know. I have been able to empathise with then, and can now hopefully draw on their experiences as well to help breathe life into my characters.

I've read a lot more books since penning those childhood tales too, recognising the different writing styles across the different genres and I now feel like I am developing a writing style of my own, rather than imitating good old Enid. Saying that though, whenever I put my text through the 'I Write Like' analyser, I keep coming out as writing like Stephen King!

Even if 'Love in the Aisles' doesn't make the grade, I have already learned a lot from writing it which can only help me with future projects. Incidentally, if this book doesn't cut the mustard with Mills & Boon, I will definitely self-publish it as an e-book if I think it's good enough and as long as it gets enough positive feedback from those that have read it.

Anyway, enough chat and more writing... I'd better get back to chapter three and the big smooch!

Bye for now!

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