Monday 19 August 2013

Time for an update...

I must offer my apologies as I have been somewhat quiet of late when it comes to talking about myself and my projects, so, here's the long overdue update...

Earlier this month I finally managed to do my charity tandem skydive, after an earlier aborted attempted a few days previous thanks to the typical British summer. Once I've got the official pictures along with all of the sponsorship money, I will do a separate post as it was absolutely awesome and deserves a whole blog about it.

The school summer holidays are in full swing so my writing time is virtually non-existent, and my poor purse is crying over the purchase of new school uniforms now that Little Miss is all set to join Widget at 'big school' *sniff*.

Unless you've been hiding a rock, you'll have seen my posts about Popping the Cherry, which is due to be released in less than five weeks and is already available for pre-order - exciting times indeed!! I am now hard at work organising the blog tours - yes, plural - to coincide with its release on September 19th. Hint: there will be all sorts of giveaways ;-)

I was hoping to have Christmas is Cancelled... Again written and ready for release this November, but unfortunately, I am not SuperWoman after all, and have had to make the difficult decision to defer the sequel to Christmas is Cancelled until next year instead. On the upside, it will be very interesting to see how the season affects sales for book #1, especially as it came out so close to Christmas last year, and I am pleased it is getting a full season all to itself.

Up next is the follow-up story to Popping the Cherry and I have deadlines looming, so I am rather glad that I will have both children at school full-time very soon. A Girl Called Malice features many of the same characters, but my hope is that it can be read as a standalone, although reading them in order is recommended. Assuming I can meet my deadlines and produce a decent first draft, I would envisage it to be out sometime around Spring, but don't hold me to it. I also have at least one more story planned with this set of characters, which I will get onto after Christmas.

On a final note, I will need to switch to 'Allie' for a while over Winter in order to get a story completed which is already well underway but got pushed aside when the publishing contracts came in. Ideally, I'll get that one finished and sent out to my publisher for consideration by Spring.

I would talk about craft topics, or about my inspiration, but many of the topics I'd like to share with you will actually be coming up during my blog tour, so keep your eyes peeled. And on that note, that's me in a nutshell.

Thanks for sticking with me :-)

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