Monday 15 July 2013

A Summer Sun Award... For Me?

Ooooh look!

I got nominated for a Summer Sun Award from the delightful Incy Black, who I hope is very near publication with the first of her book deal. Hint hint. (Okay, forget hints; where the heck is it already, Incy?!)

Anyway, I now have to answer some lovely summery questions and then pass the buck to nominate eight more wonderful bloggers. Easy peasy, huh?


Yeah right.

Here we go!

Favourite song with summer in the title or the lyrics (give the line):

Oooh, an easy one to kick off with...

This absolutely has to be 'Summertime' by DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince. An awesome summer anthem that never fails to put a smile on my face. Just remember to crank up the volume and wind the windows down.

Favourite book about summer:

I'm struggling on this one, and I can't for the life of me remember if these are summer books or not, but I seem to recall good weather and I absolutely love these from Susan Elizabeth Phillips and will most definitely be making my way through the other Chicago Stars/Bonner Brothers books:


Favourite hot summer film:

I'm not quite sure what the context is for 'hot' so I'm going to go with temperature.

My film of choice is so lame, but I do love it, and it was the only one that sprang to mind for a 'summer' theme.

Credit/movie download

For what it's worth, I much prefer the third film... High School Musical 3 is easily in my top ten, but I probably shouldn't be admitting to that, huh?

Favourite summer memory:

This one is a bit of a struggle too, so I'm going to go with the first holiday I took with my 'then' new boyfriend - my 'now' husband of seven years - coming up ten years ago because it was a huge turning point in my life.

Hubby and I lived at opposite ends of England at that point, and had only got to spend a few weekends together, having met only a couple of months earlier through mutual friends, so it was the first big chunk of time we'd spent together. Two weeks in each others' pockets was either going to make us, or break us, and thankfully it was the former. The two weeks sped by far too fast - five days of it spent under water in the Red Sea as we took our PADI Open Water qualification - but during our time in Egypt, the decision was made for me to relocate to the North.

We got back off holiday and I noticed a flat for rent in the local newspaper, then managed to arrange a viewing before I returned south that same day. The flat was gorgeous! I drove home then went back into work the next day after two weeks away and handed in my notice. Within a month of jetting off on holiday, I had moved from Southampton to Liverpool, to a flat overlooking the Irish Sea, and lived only two miles from hubby, instead of two-hundred and fifty (ish).

Favourite summer holiday destination:

I don't really have a favourite summer destination.

To be honest, I'm not really a big fan of hot, sunny days as I tend to get cranky. I much prefer bright Spring and Autumn days, where I don't fear burning to a crisp within minutes, and I don't have to find a extra ten minutes before the school run to slather the kids in all-day sun cream.

So, with all that in mind, I prefer to stay in the UK in the summer...see answer below ;-)

What books will be in your suitcase this summer?

I have so many books I am desperate to read but this summer is all about getting Popping The Cherry ready for release in September, as well as writing Christmas is Cancelled... Again. I may just have time to draw breath before getting stuck into A Girl Called Malice, which is the sequel to Popping The Cherry and needs to be written by Halloween.

At least you can now understand why I'm struggling to find time to read, especially with the school summer holidays less than a week away.

What’s your likely destination this summer?

This summer, like most summers, me and my little family will be headed to our usual retreat in North Wales. We'll stay in a fabulous old quarryman's cottage situated halfway up a mountain and overlooking the bay at Penmaenmawr (which is in-between Conway and Bangor if you were wondering).

Sunset in Penmaenmawr
(c) Aurelia B. Rowl

What hottie would you most like to be sharing the hot days and long nights with his summer?

Oh come off it...

If you follow me on Facebook, you've seen some of the fine specimens making it into my inspirations file. It's like asking me to choose my favourite child, or favourite meal, drink, whatever.

With that in mind, I shall name my lovely hubby.

Yep, total cop-out LOL

And that's me all done!

To my fellow nominees, rules of the award are as follows:

1. Display Summer Sun Award logo and link back to the blog of the person who nominated you.
2. Answer the questions as listed above.
3. Nominate a further lucky eight recipients (one for each sunray on the picture).

Bonne Chance!

For the record, it was really hard choosing just eight bloggers to pass on the sunshine. so I tried to avoid my 'usual' crew and go for a bit of a mix-up of authors and reviewers, whose blogs I follow and would happily suggest checking out.

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